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Metal bending

Metal bending is a service that we offer in conjunction with our excellent partners.

With bending, sheet metal can be formed into desired shapes without the need for welding.

We can bend the following materials:

  • Steel;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Aluminum;

Our partners use extremely precise devices to bend metal, allowing bends to be made in materials from 10-3100 mm. Straightening is also possible, as well as bends at different radiuses.

If your material happens to not fall within these dimensions, please contact us nevertheless, since it is probable that we can still find a solution.

We use the following metal bending methods:

  • V-bending – according to the type of project, we will use pneumatic bending, bottoming, or coining.
  • U-bending – this is a convenient method if a u-shaped profile is needed
  • Step bending – this is essentially a repeated v-bend, used for achieving as large a radius as possible. (i.e. for a snow plough)
  • Roll bending – used mainly for making tubes and cones.
  • Edge bending – using this method, we give create a flange on a piece of sheet metal
  • Rotary bending – This method allow bends of larger than 90°.
  • Three-point bending – this is a newer technology which allows greater precision in bending (+/- 0.25°). Three-point bending is primarily used in niche product manufacturing.

Quality, precision products

Our metal bending work is done by qualified workers with specialized educations. This means that our more than 20 years of experience allows us to achieve excellent quality and precision in our products, even on high-output projects.

Professional personnel

In our factory (as well as with our partners), we employ highly qualified personnel in various fields, who take part in regular review testing (EN1090), regardless of their plentiful experience. This ensures that the professionalism of our designers, engineers, and manufacturing staff remains high.

Holding to the delivery deadline is our main priority

Deadlines are very important to us, which is why we always meet the promised delivery date.

Ordering metal bending

To order metal bending projects, contact us by telephone – +372 5207849 or by email –

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