Welding and welding projects with different profiles

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Welding and welding projects with different profiles

Since 1996, we have been involved with welding, an exceptionally precise field, which demands very high qualifications.

Our welding services

According to the needs and wishes of the customer, we can accomplish welding projects of various levels of difficulty and of different profiles.

We mainly weld:

  • Steel tubes;
  • Steel beams;
  • Steel mesh;
  • Steel profiles

In addition to metal welding, we also offer high-quality welding for machine manufacturing, construction structures, and structural applications.

Welding methods

  • MMA welding (electrode welding)
  • MIG-MAG welding (wire welding)
  • TIG welding

Quality and precision

Our welders have received specialized educations. This means that our more than 20 years of experience allows us to achieve excellent quality and precision in our products, even on high-output projects.

Holding to the delivery deadline is our main priority

Deadlines are very important to us, which is why we always meet the promised delivery date.

Modern Equipment

In order to ensure the highest quality in our work, we only use modern equipment which complies with all requirements. We also only use high-quality electrodes which have all required certifications.

MIG-MAG welding / Wire welding

MIG-MAG welding means welding in either an inert gas (MIG) or active gas (MAG) environment. This is one of the most widely used methods of welding in the world today and can be used with all metallic materials. Wire welding is primarily used for installation, construction, and repairs.

Since work does not need to be interrupted to replace electrodes when using wire welding, and it does not produce slag, this method is a high-quality and very productive welding process.

However, it is important to note that MIG-MAG welding is not suitable for outdoor conditions, mainly because even a mild wind can blow the protective gas away from the welding arc.

MMA welding / Electrode welding

MMA welding (electrode welding) uses as its energy source the radiant heat of an arc. The edges of the detail which need to be melted are heated with the welding arc and a melting electrode is mainly used as additional metal. The temperature at the centre of the arc can be around 6,000-7,000 C°.

As opposed to wire welding, Electrode welding does not depend on weather conditions. However, it is more time-intensive, since the electrode must be continually changed out and the welded seams must be cleared of slag.

TIG welding

TIG welding is a method where the work is done by an electrode that does not melt, in an inert-gas environment. The nature of TIG welding technology is very similar to gas welding.

Even though TIG welding takes longer than MIG-MAG welding (the work demands greater care), the results are considered to be of higher quality than with wire welding.

The advantage of using this method is that it is suitable for many different kinds of material and can even be used with relatively thin materials. In addition, TIG welding produces no spray.

TIG welding is mainly used for all kinds of pipes, heat exchangers, electronic circuits and other products.

Welding orders

To place an order for welding, contact us by telephone – +372 5207849 or by email – vemet@vemet.ee

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