Metalworking. Construction of metal structures

Metallitööd. Metallkonstruktsioonide valmistamine

Metalworking. Construction of metal structures

We have been involved with metalworking and the construction of metal since 1996. That means we can handle custom orders of various profiles starting from the conceptual drawings and planning all the way through installation.

Our metalworking shop gives us the opportunity to offer our clients a complete set of metalworking options.

Metalworking that we can do

  • Milling
  • Welding
  • Construction of metal structures
  • Manufacturing metal structure components and installing them
  • Repairing metal structures
  • Surface finishing
  • Sanding
  • Assembly
  • Metal frames for furniture
  • Furniture details
  • Planning and development of metalworking projects
  • Managing metalworking projects

Technical support and supplementing documentation

In addition to the services listed above, we ensure comprehensive technical support to our clients, including, if needed, supplementing the documentation provided by the client. We also publish the measurement protocols for the products we deliver.

Quality, precision products

Our metalworking and construction of metal structures is carried out by qualified workers with specialised educations. This means that our more than 20 years of experience allows us to achieve excellent quality and precision in our products, even on high-output projects.

We also present certificates for the materials we use in the course of our metalworking.

The professionalism of the metalworking personnel

In our factory (as well as with our partners), we employ highly qualified personnel in various fields, who take part in regular review testing (EN1090), regardless of their plentiful experience. This ensures that the professionalism of our designers, engineers, and manufacturing staff remains high.

Construction and installation of metal structures

Metal structures are created using the following process:

  • Planning a metal structure;
  • Making the necessary calculations;
  • Assigning a technical task based upon the proceeding factors;
  • Preparing and assembling the materials;
  • Welding the metal structure, making the necessary connections with bolts and fasteners;
  • Finishing the surface of the structure

Planning a metal structure

In this process we:

  1. Project the general appearance of the metal structure and prepare a sketch
  2. Define the placement of different elements
  3. Prepare the necessary assembly drawings
  4. Present the project to the client

Finishing the surface of the structure

In general we protect and finish metal structures by hot dip galvanizing, painting, and powder coating.

With hot dip galvanization, we coat the different parts of the structure with a layer of zinc. The primary goal of powder coating is as a finishing touch on the structure.

Holding to the delivery deadline is our main priority

Deadlines are very important to us, which is why we always meet the promised delivery date.

Placing orders for metalworking

To place an order for metalworking, contact us by telephone – +372 5207849 or by email –

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